Video in your car — at any time

On a long journey or in slow-moving traffic you and especially your passengers often regret that despite your car's modern multimedia system, they can't watch videos while the car is in motion. Responsible drivers are always watching the road and not the screen. It's not a difference whether it shows a navigation map or a video picture from the TV tuner or the DVD player. So why restrict other people in the car? They can enjoy the ride too.

You just need to remove the limitation which causes the screen to go black every time the car moves.

The logical choice is software

You don’t need to install any hardware module into your car anymore. You don’t need any diagnostic equipment. No cables, no tools.

To unlock the TV or the DVD video while driving you can simply order our software and enable the video on your own. With this software it will be easy, fast and safe.

Why do you need DVD in motion?

If your car is equipped with TV and/or DVD function, you might be disappointed from the beginning. Instead of showing your favourite movie, the screen goes black. Video playback while driving is disabled for most cars. But what if your passengers want to watch a movie? They simply can't. Normally you could play a video only while the car is parked or at a very low speed.

And that's where comes in with a truly unique solution: With our software you have the ability to activate videos while driving. With no hardware at all! Our unlocking software is compatible with most of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Unlocking video without hardware?

Yes! This is a completely new approach as compared to traditional methods. Ordinarily you would need to purchase a hardware module and wire it into your car. That might void your car's warranty; you would need tools and electrical skills, etc. Now there's a much quicker, easier and cleaner way:

We will create the software for your car. Unlocking the video is then a matter of simply inserting the disc into your car.

Three easy steps to unlock the video

Order the software

After the payment you will receive the download link within 24 hours. It usually takes much less time than 24 hours.

Download the package

and burn it onto a CD or DVD. Instructions how to burn the disc are included.

Use the software in your car

Take the disc into your car and follow the instructions provided. It takes only 2-3 minutes.

Payment methods

We accept PayPal and credit card payments. Available all over the world with focus on highest security.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Other advantages of this solution

With DVDInMotion software you can restore the original state at any time, that way you don’t need to worry about the warranty of your car. And you can enable it again whenever you want, without any limitations on count or time.

The software works like a toggle switch, you can enable/disable video in motion anytime by simply running the installation procedure again.

What our customers say

My experience with the team was quite simply first class – at first I had some issues with installation, but these were down to my own errors, not following the process as defined. The team supported me on a weekend, which was incredible, and we got it working. The system works great, no issues at all, no disruption to any of the other functions and most of all, Kids are very happy now on long journeys! – thanks so much to the team at DVD in Motion!Richard, 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG