Supported Mercedes-Benz cars

DVDInMotion software for unlocking video in motion is available for all Mercedes-Benz cars with the COMAND Online navigation unit (option code 527 or 512). If your car was built in and after 2008, it is most likely supported. You can confirm the compatibility by finding your car model and production date listed on this page. Or you can contact us and we will gladly check this for you.

COMAND Online (NTG 4.5 & NTG 4.7)

You can easily tell whether the system in your car is or isn't compatible by simply looking at the radio unit. If there is an SD card slot located on the left below the ON button, then your car is supported and video while driving can be enabled.

Models and production dates included are:

  • A-Class W176 09/2012-present
  • B-Class W246 11/2011-10/2014
  • C-Class W204 03/2011-02/2014
  • C-Class Estate S204 03/2011-08/2014
  • C-Class Coupe C204 06/2011-present
  • CLA-Class C117 04/2013-10/2014
  • CLS-Class C218 07/2011-08/2014
  • CLS-Class Shooting Brake X218 10/2012-08/2014
  • E-Class W212 07/2011-02/2015
  • E-Class Estate S212 07/2011-02/2015
  • E-Class Coupe C207 07/2011-02/2015
  • E-Class Cabrio A207 07/2011-02/2015
  • G-Class W463 06/2012-present
  • GL-Class X166 11/2012-present
  • GLA-Class X156 12/2013-present
  • GLK-Class X204 08/2012-present
  • M-Class W166 11/2011-05/2015
  • SL-Class R231 03/2012-present
  • SLK-Class R172 03/2011-present

COMAND Online (NTG 5)

NEW The following 2014-2018 models are now supported:

  • C-Class W205 03/2014-present
  • C-Class Estate S205 09/2014-present
  • GLC-Class X253 09/2015-present
  • S-Class W222 07/2013-present
  • S-Class Coupe C217 09/2014-present
  • V-Class W447 05/2014-present
  • Mercedes-AMG GT C190

The software works on cars made for Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, South America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

The unlock will remove all limitations, including entry of navigation destination and internet browser use while driving.

Are you still unsure whether our product will work in your car? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Providing the VIN of your car will help us to answer your message even faster and better.


NEW The DVDInMotion software is now also available for cars equipped with the COMAND APS system. This includes most of cars built between 2008 and 2012.

Models and production dates included are:

  • C-Class W204 03/2007-02/2011
  • C-Class Estate S204 12/2007-02/2011
  • CLS-Class C218 01/2011-06/2011
  • E-Class W212 03/2009-06/2011
  • E-Class Estate S212 11/2009-06/2011
  • E-Class Coupe C207 05/2009-06/2011
  • E-Class Cabrio A207 03/2010-06/2011
  • GLK-Class X204 10/2008-06/2012
  • SLS AMG C197 03/2010-present

    COMAND APS (NTG 2.5)

    All 2008-2012 cars with the SD card slot above the DVD unit (COMAND NTG 2.5) can be unlocked using our software. Models and production dates included are:

  • A-Class W169 06/2008-08/2012
  • B-Class W245 06/2008-10/2011
  • CLC-Class CL203 09/2008-11/2010
  • CLS-Class C219 04/2008-12/2010
  • E-Class W211 06/2008-02/2009
  • E-Class Estate S211 06/2008-10/2009
  • G-Class G463 10/2008-05/2012
  • GL-Class X164 08/2009-10/2012
  • M-Class W164 09/2008-11/2011
  • R-Class W251 06/2008-present
  • SL-Class R230 04/2008-03/2012
  • SLK-Class R171 04/2008-02/2011
  • Sprinter C906 11/2009-present
  • Vito/Viano C639 10/2010-present

Online order

You can order DVDInMotion for up to 3 cars online right now with PayPal secure payment. Via PayPal we accept major credit cards, too (you don't need a PayPal account to make a payment). To order, you only need to provide the number of cars and their respective VIN codes. Shortly after completing the payment you will receive a download link with instructions at the e-mail address you provide in the PayPal account. To protect your privacy, we don't need to know your residential address or any other personal data.

To order now, please fill in the VIN (chassis number) of your car and then click on the button Buy Now. In the next step you will be transferred to the PayPal website where you can finish the payment in a secure way. You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How many cars?Please enter VIN of your car:

Can I order without PayPal account?

You can purchase the product by credit card if you don't have a PayPal account. The PayPal company is processing credit card payments for us. Click on the Buy Now button and on the next page click on Continue in the part near the VISA and Master Card logos.

I have placed an order, what happens next?

When your order has been completed, software for your car will be created within next 24 hours (usually it takes much less time than 24 hours). Once the software for your car is ready, you will receive an e-mail with a download link and all instructions.


DVDInMotion_NTG is a software solution for unlocking the video in motion in Mercedes-Benz cars. It is delivered electronically in a form of a download link. This way you can enable video in your car faster than ever.

About VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

We create one software package for every car. This software is based on attributes specific to each individual car. Therefore we need to know the VIN code of each car to identify your vehicle and ensure the proper function.

The VIN number is normally located in several locations on a car. The VIN of your car can be found in the vehicle registration documents as well. It consists of 17 characters and looks like WDC1660241A123456.

The result? Video unlocked!

You will not see this screen anymore and your passengers can enjoy video in motion.